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Sabine Parish, Louisiana
Sabine River Authority
Sabine River Compact Administration
Saenger Theatre
Safari Club International
Safe Drinking Water Act
Safe Energy Research Group
Saints. *See Also New Orleans Saints.
Saints Fan Club
Saks Fifth Avenue
Salon desa Redse's
Salvation Army, The
Sam Houston Jones
Sam Houston Jones State Park
Sanchez Antiques
Sanders, D. R.
Sandra K. Northrop & Associates
Sandra Zahn Oreck Gallery
Sanlin Buildings
Santa Fe Underwater Services
Sara Mayo Hospital
Satchmo Summer Festival
Sauce Piquante
Save Our Cemeteries
Save Our Cemeteries - SOS GRAM & Directories
Save Our Neighborhood
Save Our Schools
Save Our Selfs
Save St. Joseph's
Savvy Gourmet
Saxaon, Lyle
Scarlet Fever
Scene: Louisiana’s Entertainment Magazine
Scientific Research Society SIgMA Xi
Scharffn & Jones
Schaller, Howard G.
Schweickhardt & Co.
Schiro, Victor H.
Schoen, Jacob & Sons
Scholarly Resources
School of Design
School for fine Photography
Schwegmann, John G. Jr.
Scorsone Opera Co.
Scott, Louisiana
Scott, Stanley S.
SDT LLC Waste Management
Sea Horse Diving Academy
Sea Turtles
Sears, Roebuck & Company
Seatrade Conferences
Second Glance Resale Shoppe
Second Harvester Food Bank
Second Stone 
Second Line
Secor Bank
Security Homestead Association
Seebold Dr. Herman
Seelos Center
Self Service Restaurants
Sencore Auction Services
Senior Citizens Political Organization
Senior Life (Magazine)
Serra Club of Downtown N.O
Sertoma Club of New Orleans
Services Culturels Francais
Sewerage & Water Board
Shades, The
Shakespeare, Joseph A.
Shakespeare Society of New Orleans
Shalet Venture Group
Shalom Prayer Movement 
Shell Offshore Inc.
Shell Oil
Shell Oil Incorporated
Shell Oil Metairie Plant
Shell Oil (Norco)
Shell Oil Now 1992 & Before
Shell Oil Now 1933-
Shelton, L. R.
Shelved above Real Estate Board of New Orleans file cabinet
Shelved Behind Privately Funded University Catalogs
Shepard Centers- Lakeview
Shippers National Freight Claim Council
Shilston Testing Lab
Shop Wise
Stepherds Centre Uptown
Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
Shreveport Blue Book
Shreveport, Downtown Development Authority
Shreveport, Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana Downtown Development Authority
Shreveport, Louisiana Louisiana Downs New Orleans Fair Grounds
Sick Children's Trust
Sicily Island, Louisiana
Si Kahn Contemporary Arts Theatre
Sikes, Louisiana
Sierra Club: New Orleans Group
Simmesport, Louisiana
Sinclair Oil Corporation
Sindler, Mark J.
Singer Hunter Levine Sieman & Stuart
Singleton, James
Sisters of St. Joseph of Medaille
Sisters of St. Joseph of Medaille, Journey
Sisters of St. Joseph of Medaille, St. Joseph Guild
Sisters of the St. Josephine of Medaille Journey
Sisters, Service of Mary
Six Plays in American History
Six Ten Split
Sizelr Property Investors.
Slack, Alost, Miremont & Assocs.
Slidell Chamber of Commerce
Slidell Code of Ethics
Slidell High School
Slidell Job Service
Slidell, Louisiana
Slidell Memorial Hospice
Slidell Municipal Auditorium
Slidell Vocational-Technical School
Small Cities Program
Smith, C. Mildred
Smith, William Benjamin
Smithsonian Events in New Orleans
Smoky Mary
Smyth, A. W.
Smythe, Robert B. 
Snelling, Elliot
Snelling, Marie Louise
Snug Hartbor
Soberano, Rawlein
Social Science Consultants
Social Welfare Planning Council
Social Welfare Planning Council - 1964 & Before
Social Welfare Planning Council - 1965
Social Welfare Planning Council Juvenile Training School Committee
Socidad Espanola
Societa Italiana Di Cristoforo Colombo
Societa Italiana Di Mutua Beneficenza Cefalutana
Societe Franciase de la Louisiane
Society for Environmental Education
Society for Louisiana Irises
Society for Preservation & Encouragement of Baber Shop Quartet Singing in America
Society for Preservation of Laginappe in Louisiana
Society for the Advancement of Management
Society for the Preservation & Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America
Society for the Preservation of Ethnic Culture in Acadian Louisiana
Society for the Preservation of Dixieland Jazz
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Jefferson
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Louisiana
Society of Southwest Archivists
Society of the Founders of the City of New Orleans
Society of the War
Society of the War 1812
Society of the War of 1812 in Louisiana
Society of the War of 1812 in State of Louisiana
Solar Energy
Solbrig-Hajjar, Jacob 
Solid South, The
Solutions, Incorporated
Somewhere in Time
Sonneck Society Music Dept / Tulane
Sonnier, Floyd
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Soong, Tina
Sophie B. Wright Monument Committee
Sophisticated Woman
Soren Gallery
Sorrento, Louisiana
Soule College
Soule, George
Soule, Pierre
Sour Grapes Magazette
South Baton Rouge Community Development Assn.
South Central Bell
South Central Bell. 1983 & Before
South Central Bell. 1993-
South Central Bell. Undated
South Central College English Association
South Central Names Institute
South Central Planning & Development Commission
South Central Renaissance Conference
Southdown Plantation/ Terrebonne Museum
Southeast Louisiana Council
Southeast Louisiana Development Co.
Southeast Louisiana Emergency Medical Services Council
Southeast Louisiana Girl Scout Council
Southeast Louisiana Historical Assn.
Southeast Regional Social Studies
Southeastern Archaeological Conference
Southeastern Borderlands Assoc.
Southeastern College Art Conference
Southeastern Gay Conference
Southeastern Law Librarian
Southeastern Library Assn
Southern Library Networks
Southeastern Louisiana Regional Airport
Southeastern Louisiana University
Southeastern Louisiana University. Fanfare.
Southeastern Museum's Conference
Southern Agitator
Southern Archivests
Southern Bald Eagle Survey
Southern Baptist Hospital
Southern Baptist Hospital. Grapevine
Southern Baptist Hospital League
Southern Baptist Hospital. Regarding Women & Healthcare
Southern Baptist Hospital. Senior Care Newsletter 
Southern Coalition for the Environment
Southern Dominican Foundation
Southern Education Foundation
Southern Electric Power Co.
Southern Eye-Bank, Auxiliary
Southern Farm Forum
Southern Film Institute
Southern Financial Exchange
Southern Food & Beverage Museum
Southern Forest Experiment Station
Southern Forest Products Association
Southern Forest Products Assn. 1976 - 1989
Southern Forest Products Association 1990 -
Southern Forum
Southern Growth Policies Board
Southern Leisure
Southern Links
Southern Louisiana Institute
Southern Marketing Association.
Southern Mutual Help Assn.
Southern Natural Resources
Southern Pacific Lines Acadiana
Southern Pine Association
Southern Pine Association, Weekly Trade Barometer
Southern Prison Ministry
Southern Regional Education Board
Southern Regional Research Center
Southern Renaissance
Southern Repertory Theatre
Southern Republican Society
Southern Savings Assn
Southern Scrap Material Co.
Southern Seaplane
Southern Secretaries Assn.
Southern Tours
Southern University
Southern University at New Orleans
Southern University at New Orleans: Afro-American Society
Southern University at New Orleans. Center for African & American Studies
Southern University in New Orleans Observer
Southern University Law Center: Reflections
Southern University. Library.
Southern University Public Defender
Southern Yacht Club
South Lafource Cajun Festival
South Louisiana College News
South Louisiana Citizens Council
South Louisiana Port Commission
South Mansfield, Louisiana
South Pac
South Shore
South Shore Oil
Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center
Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau
Southwest Louisiana French Folk Series
Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society
Southwest Louisiana State School
Southwest Louisiana Trade School
Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival
Southwestern Bell
Southwestern Electric Power Company
Southwestern Library Association.
Spanish Culture Week
Spanish Heritage Society
Spanish Trail
Sparticist South
Special Libraries Assn.
Spectrum Travel Network
Sperry & Hutchinson
Spice, Inc
Spiders, Louisiana
Spina Bifida Assn. Of Louisiana
Spirit Awards
Springfield, Louisiana
Spring Fiesta
Springhill, Louisiana
Spring Lake Bed & Breakfast
Spring Park
Srtists Showroom
St. Alphonsus News
Standard Coffee Company
Standard Fruit
Standard Fruit & Steamship
Standard Fruit & Steamship Company
Standard Fruit & Steamship Company 1955 & Before
Standard Fruit & Steamship Company 1956 & After
Standard Fruit & Steamship Co. Undated
Standard Fruit Company News
Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
St. Anna's Episcopal Church
St. Anthony's Priory
St. Anthony of Padua School
St. Anthony of Padus School [New Orleans]
Stanton Manor.
Stan Weber.
State & Local Solutions "The Partnership"
State Arts Grants
State Documents Collection: Ju 10.7/1:
State Employees Group Benefit Program
State Farm Insurance
State Industrial School for Girls
State - Investor Savings & Loan.
State Legislative Leaders Foundation
State Library of Louisiana
State of Israel Bonds
State of Louisiana House of Representative
State Parks
States - Item
Statesman's Club
State Soil & Water Conservation Committee
States Rights Party of Louisiana
St. Augustine High School
Stay Local Magazine
St. Bernard Business & Professional Women's Club
St. Bernard Community Centre
St. Bernard Community College
St. Bernard Council on Aging
St. Bernard Development Centre
St. Bernard Historical Society
St. Bernard Genealogical Society
St. Bernard Parish
St. Bernard Parish Bicentennial Commission
St. Bernard Parish Home Mortgage Authority.
St. Bernard Parish Organizations
St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana
St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, Jean Lafitte Park
St. Bernard Parish Retired Teachers' Assn.
St. Bernard State Park
St Charles Avenue
St. Charles Ave. Action Community
St. Charles Avenue
St. Charles Avenue Association
St. Charles Avenue Guide to Entertaining
St. Charles Gallery
St. Charles General Hospital
St. Charles Hotel
St. Charles Parish
St. Charles Parish, Louisiana
St. Charles Wildlife Refuge
St. Charles Parish Planetarium
Steamboat Cotton Blossom
Steamboat Delta Queen
Steamboats, Ford, Gerald R.
Steamboat River Queen
Steeckfus Steamers
Stella Maris Maritime Center
Stella Merradal School of Dancing
Stephen E. Ambrose
Sterling Sugars.
Stern's Art Rooms
Steven Chevrolet
Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
Stewart, Jack.
St. Francis De Sales Church
St. Francis De Sales Golden Voices Choir
St. Francisville, Louisiana 
St. Francisville, Louisiana, Rosedown Plantation
St. George's Episcopal Church
St. Gerard Parish for the Hearing Impaired
St. Helena Parish, Louisiana
St. Helena Parish Trade School
St. James Parish, Louisiana
St. James Parish, Louisiana
St. John the Baptist Parish
St. John the Baptist Police Jury
St. Joseph Abbey
St. Joseph Abbey Abbey Chronicle
St. Joseph Academy New Orleans
St. Joseph Seminary College
St. Joseph's Altars
St. Joseph's Day
St. Joseph, Louisiana
St. Joseph Seminar College
St. Jude Family Health Foundation
St. Jude Medical Center
St. Landry Heritage Festival
St. Landry Parish, Louisiana
St. Louis Community Center
St. Louis , King of France
St. Louis Plantation
St. Marks Community Centre
St. Martin Parish, Louisiana
St. Martin's Episcopal School
St. Martin's Protestant Episcopal School
St. Martinville, Louisiana
St. Mary Academy
St. Mary Parish
St. Mary's Dominican College
St. Mary's Domician Gala
St. Mary's Dominican High School *See Also Dominican High School
St. Mary Parish, Louisiana
St. Michael Special Hall
St. Michael Special School
Stolport Elevated Test Facility
Stone & Press
Stone Center Incorporated
Stone Points
Stonewall 25
Stop The War
Storer Communications of New Orleans
St. Patrick's Celebration
St. Paul Church
St. Patrick's Church New Orleans
St. Patrick's Day
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
St. Pius X
St. Philip Social Action Group
Strawberries & Cream
Strawberry Jam Project.
Streckfus Steamers
Street Scene Community Newspaper.
St. Roch Cemetery
Strom Thurmond Institute
St. Tammany Art Association
St. Tammany Museum of Art
St. Tammany Parish
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
St. Tammany West - The Chamber
St. Thomas/ Irish Channel Consortium
St. Thomas Resident Council
St. Vincent Infant & Maternity Home
Stubbs, William Carter
Student Government Association
Student Life
Student Louisiana Teachers Association
Student Louisiana Teachers Association. Merger.
Students of Science Quarterly Newsletter.
Studio 1115
Style Homebuyers News
Sub-Deb, The
Subject of Conference
Substance Abuse Awareness Week Network
Suffering Abortion Victims Embraced
Sugar Bowl Track & Field Meet.
Sullivan Memorial Trade School
Sulphur, Louisiana
Summer Stages
Sun Belt Conference
Sunbelt Conference Directory & Calendar
Sunbelt Conference Handbook / Manuals
Sunbelt Conference Misc. Business
Sunbelt Conference Yearbooks
Sunday at Four
Sun Oak Museum
Sunrise Assistant Living
Sunshine Club of Algiers
Supernowl (1981) Super Bowl XV
Superfund Program
Superfund Program
Superior Casing Crews
Supreme Court
Supreme Court of Louisiana Historical Society
Supreme Court Portrait Collection
Surplus Line Reporter & Insurance News
Surrealists for Social Responsibility
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The
Swal The Foundation
Swan, The
Sweet Adelines
SYDA Foundation
Symphony Volunteers, Inc
Symposium on Coastal & Ocean Management
System Safety Society