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Paincourtville LA
Paine Webber Jackson & Curtis
Palm Air Civic Assn.
Palmetto, Louisiana
Pan American Culinary Olympics
Pan American Day
Pan American Life Insurance Co.
Pan-American Life Insurance Co.PAlican
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co. 
Parlange Plantation
Paraprofessional School Related Press Conference
Parenting Center, The
Parents Council of New Orleans 
Parents FLAG
Parents for Lesbians & Gays
Parents Resource Institute for Drug Education
Parents without Partners
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Parkview St.John
Parkway Partners Program
Partners Health Plan of Louisiana
Partners in Democracy
Parish National Bank
Particulate Soild Research
Partido Democrata Cristiano de Cuba
Patio Planters
Patio Royal
Partners Health Plan of Louisiana
Partners In Democracy
Patterson Louisiana
Pavarotti, Luciano
Pass Petroleum Industries
Pax Christi New Orleans
Peace Sunday
Peace Sunday Task Force
Pearl River , Louisiana
Pearl River Basin Foundation Legal Defense
Pecan Festival 
Pelican Homestead
Pendennis Club
Penick & Ford 
People For Dave Treen
People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals
People Institute of Survival & Beyond
Peoples Institute for Survival & Beyond
People of Praise
People of the Living God
People Play House
People Plus, Inc.
People United Against Racism & Nazism 
Pennington Biomedical Research Centre & Foundation
Peppi Bruneau
Perez Asses
Perez Memorial Park
Performing Art of New Orleans
Perino's Garden Gazette
Perlis Clothing
Peruvian in New Orleans
Peters, Samuel Jarvis
Petit Ecole 
Petre, John J.
Petroleum Information
Petroleum Mechanical Engineering Assn
Peyronnet, Jean-Jacaques
Pfister Sisters
Phantom Publication
Phelps Dinner ( Counselors at Law)
Philharmonic Society of New Orleans
Philippines Honorary Consulate
Phoenix Recycling
Phosphogypsum Recycle
Photo Exchange II
Photography Counsil of Louisiana
Phyllis Wheatley School
Piazza d'Italia
Pi Beta Phi.
Piccadilly Cafeterias
Pickwick Club
Pilgrimage for Life
Pine Prairie
Pines Village Neighborhood Association
Pineville, Louisiana.
Piney Woods Journal, The
Pinney, Edward L.
Pipkin, Charles W.
Pirates Alley Faulkner Society, Inc.
Pitot House.
Pitot House & Museum
Plain Dealing, Louisiana.
Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood of Louisiana
Planning Commission
Plantation Business Center / Westlake
Plantation House (and Plantations Misc.)
Plantation of Louisiana
Plant Gallery, The
Plaquemine Locks State Commemorative Area
Plaquemine Parish Airport Authority
Plaquemines Parish Industrial Development Board
Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana
Players Dinner Club
Players Dinner Theatre
Players Theatre
Players Theatre of Le Petit du Vieux Carre
Players Theatre of Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré
Plumb Line
Po-Boy Preservation Festival
Pointe Coupee Parish
Police Association of New Orleans
Police Benevolent Assn
Police Brutality Committee
Police Foundation
Police Jury Assoc. Of La
Police Mutual Benevolent Assn.
Political Demonstrations Anti Globalism
Pollock, Louisiana
Ponchatoula, Louisiana
Ponderosa Stomp
Ponseti, Anthony J.
Pontchartrain Astronomy Society, Inc.
Pontchartrain Bank
Pontchartrain Basin Research Committee,
Pontchartrain Beach
Pontchartrain Beach Residences
Pontchartrain Causeway
Pontchartrain Center
Pontchartrain Gourmet Delivery
Pontchartrain Hotel
Pontchartrain Levee District
Ponchartrain Professional Assn
Pontchatoula, Louisiana
Ponchartrain Post
Pony Express News
Popeyes Fried Chicken
Popeyes Offshore Grand Prix
Population Projections
Porno Patrol
Port Allen, Louisiana 
Port Barre, Louisiana
Port Hudson
Port Louis Sailing Village Marketing Centre
Port of New Orleans
Port of South Louisiana
Port Sulphur, Louisiana
Ports Association of Louisiana
Possible Society
Poverty Point
Poverty Point, Louisiana
Poydras Home
Practical Nursing
Prairieville, Louisiana
Pratt-Stanton Manor
Prather Family
Prawn Culture
Preliminary Interregional Analysis
Premier Bancorp
Premier Bank
Premier Venture Capital Corporation
Premiere Benefit Invitation: Degas Foundation
Presbyterian Churches - New Orleans
Presbyterian Churches, New Orleans. Carolyn Park 
Presbyterian Churches, New Orleans - Claiborne
Presbyterian Churches, New Orleans Eastminster
Presbyterian Churches - New Orleans: Gentilly
Presbyterian Churches-New Orleans Korean
Presbyterian Churches-New Orleans Lakeview 
Presbyterian-New Orleans Oak Park 
Presbyterian Churches - New Orleans St. Charles Avenue (1989 & Before)
Presbyterian Churches - New Orleans St. Charles Avenue (1989-1991)
Presbyterian Churches - New Orleans St. Charles Avenue (1992-1993)
Presbyterian Churches - New Orleans St. Charles Avenue (1994-1999)
Presbyterian Churches -The News 
Presbyterian Churches -The News & Presbyterian Sun
Presbyterian Churches, New Orleans - Woodland
Presbyterian Ministries, Evergreen
Presbytery of South Louisiana
Presbyterian of South Louisiana 1980-1981
Presbytery of South Louisiana 1982
Preservation of Jazz Advisory Commission
Preservation Resource Center 1980 & Before
Preservation Resource Center. 1981 - 1983
Preservation Resource Center. 1984 - 1985
Preservation Resource Centre 1986-1992
Preservation Resource Center, 1993
Preservation Resource Center Historic District Maps
President's Commission on Americans Outdoors
Press Club of New Orleans
Prevalence & Health Consequences of Stalking MMWR Weekly
Prime Magazine
Principal Health Care of Louisiana
Pro Dance
Professional Personal Training
Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE Louisiana)
Progressive Bank & Trust
Progressive Bank & Trust Company
Progressive Industrial Bank
Project Lazarus
Promise Keepers
Propeller Club
Prophets of Persia
Prospect Quarterly
Protestant Churches New Orleans
Proud to Call It Home
Prytania School
Prytania School Reading Application & Practice Program
Prytania Theater
Public Affairs Research Council
Police Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, Assignment Education
Public Affairs Research Council Amendment Guide to The Proposed Constitution
Public Affairs Research Council 1969 & Before
Public Affairs Research Council Particles
Public Affairs Research Council PAR Reports
Public Affairs Research Council…. School Employment Pay 
Public Affairs Research Council - Voting Records
Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana
Public Affairs Research Council - Reports
Public Affairs Research Council Reporters
Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana Fiscal Focus
Public Affairs Research Council: Voting Records
Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy & Environment
Public Defender
Public Library.
Public Library. Free University
Public Relations Society of America
Public-Private Partnerships
Purchasing Agents Association