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BIOS 4723 Virology: Google/Google Scholar

Tips on searching Google and Google Scholar more effectively

You can find some high-quality research articles using Google or Google Scholar. If you choose to only use Google, here are some ways to make your search more effective. 

1. Use the Advanced Search: The Advanced Search is not easily found on the main Google page but you can find it if you know to look for it. Google's Advanced Search doesn't allow for as many limits as a research database but it does allow you to specify that you want particular words to be in the title of the article, limit to a particular phrase, limit to a particular region or domain name, etc. 

2. Use Search Operators to improve your search. Research databases have "operators" built in but it is possible to add them in when searching Google to create a more precise search. 

3. Use Symbols to refine your results.