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Data Management: Home

This guide describes library services and resources to support data management at UNO.

Library Support for Data Management at UNO

Many federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, are seeking assurances that funded research will be made available to the public.  By depositing articles and data sets in ScholarWorks (an open access repository), or by providing metadata records that describe and point to data housed elsewhere, researchers can demonstrate their commitment to transparency and openness in the research process while making their research more discoverable and fruitful.

o   The UNO Library offers assistance in the preparation of data management plans including reviewing elements of a plan, providing sample plans, and identifying possible discipline-specific repositories for data.

 o   We want your data (or at least a metadata record) in ScholarWorks!  ScholarWorks can serve as a repository for data, data management plans, and metadata, and can link final outputs (articles, etc.) with data.  Even if you opt to store your data elsewhere, ScholarWorks can provide a metadata record describing and linking to it to enhance its discoverability and provide integration with the research built upon it.

For more information contact the librarian for your department or the Scholarly Communication Librarian.