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MSS 123 - David L. Campbell Collection: Inventory


(Mss 123)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

September 1979





Size:                           3 linear feet



locations:                 New Orleans, Louisiana


Inclusive dates:      1968-1976


Summary:                 Legal files compiled by David L. Campbell as president and attorney of the Peniston-General Taylor Association.  Primarily concerned with the proposed location of a Mississippi River bridge in the vicinity of Peniston and General Taylor Streets (New Orleans), but including some material on zoning in the area.  Consists of correspondence; bridge and transportation planning studies; legal briefs, motions, affidavits, and judgments; newspaper clippings; resolutions; reports; maps; notes; and other miscellany.



collections:              Marta B. Lamar Collection (Mss 62) and Addenda 1-3 (Mss 69, 76, 77); Mark P. Lowrey Collection (Mss 47); Suzanne L. Ormond Collection (Mss 59)


Source:                     Gift, March, June 1979


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    David L. Campbell Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans



Historical Sketch


            David L. Campbell amassed these documents in his role as president and attorney of the Peniston-General Taylor Association, which vigorously opposed plans to construct an Uptown Mississippi River Bridge.  Prominent in the collection are correspondence and lawsuit paperwork generated by the community leaders of both neighborhoods, protestors, and the proponents of the proposed Riverfront Expressway, to which the bridge would have connected if both had been built.

            The Mississippi River Bridge Controversy began in 1964 with protests against the Riverfront Expressway, which transportation pioneer Robert Moses proposed in his 1946 “Arterial Plan for New Orleans.”  Criticism emerged when, in October 1964, funding in the amount of $25 million was allocated to the 3.5-mile freeway project sponsored by the Mississippi River Bridge Authority (MRBA), a semiautonomous governmental body with the authority to build bridges.  The MRBA reviewed three proposals for bridge sites prior to settling on one which would cross through Uptown New Orleans.  The controversy centered around where the bridge should be located and what neighborhoods would be affected.

Race and class issues were inherent in the clash, as well as community welfare and preservation of the French Quarter’s culture and history.  Mostly residents of either the white, middle class Napoleon Avenue or the black, low-income General Taylor Street, the protestors voiced concerns about the negative collateral damage of building an expressway through their neighborhoods that would result inevitably in uprooting of long-time residents of both areas.  Originally the expressway was to pass only through Napoleon Avenue, but this was changed in a futile attempt to appease the white residents, who remained opposed to a bridge anywhere in the uptown area.  Another group of opponents to the bridge joined the fray, also staunchly against the Vieux Carré and Riverfront Expressway proposals because of the large-scale displacement of residents and the neighborhood environmental deterioration that would occur in what remained of the neighborhoods.

The freeway was to straddle the Mississippi Riverfront between Elysian Fields Avenue and the Pontchartrain Expressway.  The opposition finally won out July of 1969.  The plan was scrapped mainly because it would have ruined the French Quarter by bringing unwanted traffic into the area and taking away from the timeless essence of the oldest and most historic part of New Orleans by placing an elevated expressway in front of Jackson Square.  This controversial case shows the potential potency of standing in solidarity for a cause by groups that otherwise probably would not have worked together.  They did so to shape the political process for the good of their communities.




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List of Series



Series I.         Newspaper clippings, 1968 – 1976


Series II.        Conradt Engineering Report, Peniston—General Taylor vs. A. P. Tugwell, et al., 1969


Series III.       Zoning problems, 1972 – 1976


Series IV.      Lawsuits, 1969 – 1970


Series V.       Correspondence, 1970 – 1975


Series VI.      Lawsuit vs. Gov. John J. McKeithen, 1970 – 1971


Series VII.     Publications, 1962-1970

Container List




Series I.  Newspaper clippings, 1968 - 1976


Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and some correspondence, 1968-1976, re zoning problems in Uptown New Orleans and the controversy over the proposed Uptown Mississippi River Bridge (originally filed as Peniston—General Taylor Assn. Newspaper Clippings file D, T 8-7-72)


123-1              January 26, 1968 - August 23, 1968


123-2              January 7, 1970 - February 25, 1970


123-3              February 26, 1970 - April 28, 1970


123-4              May 1 - June 30, 1970


123-5              July 2, 1970 - September 17, 1970


123-6              October 20, 1970 - December 16, 1970


123-7              1971-1972


123-8              Miscellaneous materials originally filed with Newspaper clippings

Correspondence, 1968-1969

News release, 1968

Subpoena, 1969

Bill of lawyer fees

Form opposing passage of Amendment 26, New Orleans Election, November 1968



Series II.  Conradt Engineering Report, Peniston—General Taylor vs. A. P. Tugwell, et al., 1969


Report and materials associated with a related lawsuit (originally filed as Peniston—General Taylor Assn. File E, T 78-7-72).


123-9              Peniston—General Taylor Association and the Uptown Civic Association et al. vs. A. P. Tugwell et al., Supreme Court of the U.S. no. __, October term 1968; Summary of the Conradt Report, December 1969; “An Appraisal of the New Orleans Riverfront Expressway,” December 1969; Correspondence, January 1, 1970; biographical material on Robert Conradt, n.d.



Series III.  Zoning problems, 1972 - 1976


Zoning problems in Uptown New Orleans, 1972-1976, including correspondence, lawsuits, miscellaneous materials (originally filed as Peniston—General Taylor Assn. DLC 73-99-1572).


123-10            Correspondence and notes, n.d., September 9, 1972 - April 22, 1976


123-11            Zoning reports of the New Orleans City Council, October 5, 1972 - April 12, 1973


123-12            Lawsuits originally filed with Zoning problems

Clement Darfaw vs. Parish of Jefferson et al, 1967

Claude Robler et al vs. City of New Orleans and New Orleans Zoning Board, 1974

Agreement, 1972


123-13            Miscellaneous materials originally filed with Zoning problems





Series IV.  Lawsuits, 1969-1970


Zoning problems in Uptown New Orleans and proposed Uptown Mississippi River Bridge (originally filed as Peniston—General Taylor Assn. 70-99-0202)


123-14            Correspondence, July 24, 1969 - May 12, 1970


123-15            Sierra Club v. Volpe

                        Citizens Committee for the Hudson Valley, the Sierra Club and the Village of Tarrytown, New York vs. John Volpe, Walter J. Hichel, Stanley S. Resor, William F. Cassidy

                        Nos. 428-33 (U.S. Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit, September 1969).  Brief for petitioner


123-16            Lawsuits

                        State of Louisiana ev. Louise S. Korns vs. Board of Zoning Adjustment, May 5, 1969

                        State of Louisiana ex rel.—Peniston—General Taylor Assn. vs. Board of Zoning Adjustments of the City of New Orleans


123-17            Comprehensive Zoning for New Orleans, January 20, 1969 - April 23, 1970


123-18            Rayne Memorial Methodist Church vs. Board of Zoning Adjustments, n.d., July 24, 1964 - October 1, 1969


123-19            Proposed Uptown Mississippi River Bridge Controversy, January 1968-May 12, 1970



Series V.  Correspondence, 1970-1975


Chiefly correspondence and notes pertaining to zoning problems in Uptown New Orleans and proposed Uptown Mississippi River Bridge (originally filed as Peniston—General Taylor Assn. 1970-70-99-0202T)


123-20            Correspondence, notes, n.d., January 6, 1970 - February 5, 1970


123-21            Correspondence, notes, February 13, 1970 - March 30, 1970


123-22            Correspondence, notes, April 1970


123-23            Correspondence, notes, May 7, 1970 - December 30, 1970


123-24            Correspondence and notes, n.d., January 11, 1971 - March 30, 1975


123-25            Resolutions passed by New Orleans City Council re proposed Uptown Mississippi River Bridge, February 17, 1970 - April 22, 1971


123-26            Address by David Campbell to New Orleans City Council, re Uptown Mississippi River Bridge, April 24, 1970


123-27            Phil Trice vs. City of New Orleans et al.

                              Bill of complaint


123-28            Miscellany re proposed Uptown Mississippi River Bridge Controversy: clip­pings, 1970, 1975; reports, n.d. 1970-1971; Phil Trice vs. City of New Orleans, n.d.; tolls on Greater New Orleans Bridge, n.d.; Indenture and deed of trust of MRBA to NBC, November 1, 1954; poster, April 24, 1970



Series VI.  Lawsuit v. Gov. John J. McKeithen, 1970-1971


                        Suit vs. Gov. McKeithen et al.  (originally filed as (Peniston—General Taylor Assn.—B.  Suit vs. Gov. McKeithen et al., 70-99-0202-B)


123-29            Correspondence and notes, November 12, 1970 - April 7, 1971


123-30            Reports and resolutions, 1968-1970

      Committee report to Gov. J J. McKeithen, January 31, 1968

      Resolution by Councilman Eddie Sapir, April 9, 1970

      Newspaper clipping New Orleans States-Item, December 9, 1970


123-31            Peniston—General Taylor Association vs. Governor McKeithen et al., 1970; U.S. Marshal process service, November 16, 1970; affidavit, November 1970; civil action 70-3221, November 13, 1970; newspaper clipping, December 9, 1970


123-32            Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana 516-433 Div. G Docket 5, November 16, 1970

                        Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana 516-433 Div. G Docket 5, December 7, 1970


123-33            Peniston—Gen. Taylor vs. McKeithen et al.

                        Motion to dismiss proceedings, December 4, 1970; correspondence, December 29, 1970

                        U.S. District Court and Civil District Court and Press Release


123-34            Claude L. Robler et al. vs. John J. McKeithen et al., # 516-433, December 16, 1970





Series VII.  Publications, 1962-1970


            Subseries VII.1.  Reports


123-35            “Uptown Bridge: Feasibility Study Interim Report.”  Prepared for the Mississippi River Bridge Authority as a joint venture by Sverdrup and Parcel and Associates, Inc., and De Laureal Engineers, Inc., December 1969.


123-36            “New Orleans Metropolitan Area Transportation Study, 1960-1968,” Vol. 2: “Outlook for the Future.”  Prepared by Traffic and Planning Section, Louisiana Department of Highways in cooperation with the Bureau of Public Roads, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1962.


123-37            “A Summary: Mississippi River Crossing Studies, 1954-1970.”  Prepared for the Mississippi River Bridge Authority as a joint venture by Sverdrup & Parcel and Associates, Inc., and De Laureal Engineers, Inc., April 1970.


            Subseries VII.2.  Maps


123-38            “The Mississippi River Bridge Authority: Uptown and Chalmette Bridges and Approaches.”  Prepared by De Laureal Engineers, Inc., [ca. 1970].


123-39            “Proposed Bridges and Approaches for Second Bridge over Mississippi River in Greater New Orleans Area.”  Prepared by Joint Study of De Laureal Engineers, Inc. and Howard, Needles, Tammen and Bergendorff, [ca. 1970].

Index Terms


Bridges—Louisiana—New Orleans

Bridges—Mississippi River

Campbell, David L.

Highway planning—Louisiana—New Orleans

Louisiana Mississippi River Bridge Authority

Peniston-General Taylor Association

Urban planning—Louisiana—New Orleans