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Earl K. Long Library Louisiana and Special Collections

Louisiana and Special Collections

Delivery Options for Reproduced Materials

Once the desired materials have been located and reproduced, several options for delivery are available.

For scans:

  1. Flash memory or USB drive:
    If you are able to provide your own flash memory or USB drive, scans will be copied to said drive.

  2. CD or DVD:
    If you are able to provide your own blank CDs or DVDs, scans will be copied to said discs. If you are unable to provide your own blank CDs or DVDs, they will be provided for you at a charge of $1.50 per CD and $3.00 per DVD, if supplies of blank CDs or DVDs are available.

  3. Email:
    If the total file size of the requested cases permits, scans may be delivered via e-mail. This method may require that a case be compressed into one or more .zip files before it is sent. Please ensure that your e-mail provider accepts attachments of 20 megabytes or larger, or alert us to any restrictions regarding file size your e-mail provider may institute.

For photocopies or scans burned to CD/DVD:

  1. U.S. Mail:
    Copies of requested materials may also be mailed via the United States Postal Service. Postal charges are in addition to any applicable media and materials charges ($1.00 per page for photocopies, $1.50 per CD or $3.50 per DVD for scans). Requested materials will either be sent in a flat-rate priority mailing envelope or a flat-rate priority mailing box. Large orders will be charged for each envelope or box required. The University is not responsible for materials lost or damaged during the mailing process.

  2. Pick-up:
    Requested materials may also be picked up from the Earl K. Long Library at no additional charge beyond any applicable costs for media and materials. Once an order is completed, photocopies or CD/DVDs of scanned images may be picked up at the Circulation desk on the first floor of the library. For digital materials that have not been burned to CD or DVD ahead of time, please arrange to arrive at the library when the Louisiana and Special Collections Reading Room is open.