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Staff Directory: Alphabetical Listing

Staff Directory

Staff Directory by Name

Wang, Ray Dean of Library and Information Services, Professor (504) 280-6556
Amsberryaugier, Lora Associate Dean of Library and Information Services, Associate Professor (504) 280-5563
Baker, Dennis Library Services Division (504) 280-6555
Darby, GK UNO Press (504) 280-7457
Dimeff, Alex UNO Press (504) 280-7457
Francois, Rosetta Library Services (504) 280-6551
Heyl, Jessica Resources Management Department (504) 280-6553
Himelstein, Abram UNO Press, Assistant Professor (504) 280-7457
Hodges, James Administration/Library Systems (504) 280-6545
Joullian, Ronald Resources Management Department (504) 280-6553
Levkowicz, Janet Library Services Division/Stacks Maintenance (504) 280-6546 / (504) 473-4298
McDonald, Brian Administration/Library Technology (504) 280-3273
McSkimming, Jaime Library Services Division/Interlibrary Loan Assistant (504)280-7276
Morgan, Marie Resources Management Department, Associate Professor, gratis (504) 280-7281
Mukherjee, Norma Administration/Assistant to the Dean (504) 280-6197
Parnell, Nicholas Administration/Overnight Manager (504) 280-7168
Pavy, Jeanne Resources Management Department, Associate Professor (504) 280-6547
Phelps, Connie Resources Management Department/LA & Special Collections, Professor (504) 280-7273
Reno, Lindsey Resources Management Department/Acquisitions, Professor (504) 280-6499
Shannon, Chelsey UNO Press (504) 280-7457
Vicknair, Sherry Resources Management Department/Reserves (504) 280-7211
White, Johannah Library Services Division, Assistant Professor (504) 280-6548
Yates, Robert Library Administration, Administrative Coordinator (504) 280-6556
Zurek, Emily Library Services Division (504) 280-9957

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Sharon Mader Dean of Library Services, Emeritus
Ms. Marilyn Hankel Associate Dean of Library Services, Emeritus
Dr. Florence Jumonville Librarian and Professor, Emeritus
Ms. Sybil Boudreaux Librarian and Professor, Emeritus
Ms. Phoebe Timberlake Librarian and Professor, Emeritus
Ms. Marina Espina Librarian and Professor, Emeritus
Mr. Kenneth Owen Librarian and Professor, Emeritus
Ms. Eleanor Elder Librarian and Professor, Emeritus