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Staff Directory: Departmental Listing

Staff Directory

Staff Directory by Department


Library Administration

Name Title
Ray Wang Dean of Library and Information Services
Lora Amsberryaugier Associate Dean of Library Services
Shelita Gibbs Library Administrative Specialist
James Hodges Assistant Systems Administrator
Brian McDonald User Training and Support Specialist
Norma Mukherjee Assistant to the Dean
Nic Parnell Overnight Manager


Resources Management Department

Name Title
Jeanne Pavy Chair, Resources Management Department
Connie Phelps Social Sciences, Louisiana Subject Liaison and Special Collections Lead Librarian
Lindsey Reno Acquisitions Librarian, Subject Liaison
Ron Joullian Cataloging Coordinator
Jessica Heyl Cataloging Assistant
Sherry Vicknair Reserves
Marie Morgan Principal Cataloger (retired) GRATIS APPT.
Florence Jumnoville Special Collections Librarian (retired) GRATIS APPT.


Services Department

Brandon Adler Head of Services
Dennis Baker Library Services Assistant
Shannon Burrell Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Rosetta Francois Circulation Coordinator
Janet Levkowizc Stacks Maintenance
Eprsy Livas Circulation