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Archives and Inventories: E - F

E - F


Charles Ebert Collection (Mss 234)

Eisenhower Center Conference Collection (Mss 191)

Eisenhower Center D-Day Collection (Mss 218)

Edwin Essex Elam, Sr. Collection (Mss 206)


FEMA - 1019/1021 Audubon Street Collection (Mss 368)

FEMA – 4121 D’Hemecourt Street – Elevation of 3 structures (Mss 517)

FEMA – Andrew J. Bell Junior High School,  St. Joseph’s Academy Building  (Mss 522)

FEMA - Andrew H. Wilson School Collection (Mss 361)

FEMA – Audubon –Montessori Elementary School  (Mss 516)

FEMA – Carrollton Power House, New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board  (Mss 524)

FEMA – Carrollton Water Treatment Plant (Water Hammer Project), Orleans Parish  (Mss 525)

FEMA - Charles J. Colton School Collection (Mss 362)

FEMA - Christian Community Youth Against Drugs Structures Collection (Mss 380)

FEMA – Department of Public Works Complex, 838 S. Genois Street (Mss 523)

FEMA – Drainage Pump Station 17/Sewerage Pump Station D (Mss 519)

FEMA - Duncan Plaza Collection (Mss 351)

FEMA – Gentilly - Dillard University Drainage System  (Mss 518)

FEMA - George Washington Carver Middle and High School Collection (Mss 363)

FEMA - Jackson Barracks Collection (Mss 360)

FEMA - New Orleans City Park Corral/Maintenance Facility Collection (Mss 367)

FEMA – Oak Street Pump Station  (Mss 520)

FEMA - Orleans Parish Projects Collection (Mss 376)

FEMA – Photos of 60 National Register Eligible Properties in New Orleans Damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (Mss 515)

FEMA - St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church Collection (Mss 352)

FEMA –St. Roch Neighborhood Drainage Upgrades and Green Infrastructure (Mss 526)

FEMA – Thomas J. Semmes School (Mss 534)

FEMA – Woodlawn High School, Braithwaite, Plaquemines Parish  (Mss 521)

FEMA - YWCA of Greater New Orleans Collection (Mss 379)

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, History Committee Archives (Mss 149)

Firemen's Charitable Association of the Seventh District Collection (Mss 125)

Friends of Wheeling Collection (Mss 155)

Fromherz Engineers Collection (Mss 530)

Joseph W. Fulton Collection (Mss 79)