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Archives and Inventories: 000 - 025

000 - 025

MSS 000 - Photographs Collection
An artificial collection of photographs, compiled from various sources.
(9 lin. ft.)


MSS 001 - Italian Clubs Collection
Records and memorabilia of eleven Italian fraternal clubs. Includes various account books, bank records, constitutions and by-laws, correspondence, membership lists, reports, broadsides, and miscellany. Collection also includes about 150 books in Italian, which were part of the Dante Alighiere Society Library.
(5 lin. ft.)


MSS 002 - Caleb B.K. Weed Collection
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1871-1964),
(9 lin. ft.)


MSS 003 - United Ancient Order of Druids Collection
Records and memorabilia of the Grand Grove of Louisiana and its auxiliary groves 19, 28, 33, 35, 49, 51. 52, and 59. Consists mainly of membership rosters, by-laws, convention programs, ceremonial pamphlets, recitation cards, minutes, bank statements, and correspondence.
(ca. 1895-1955),
(1 lin. ft.)


MSS 004 - Owen Creole Songs Collection
Photocopies of scores (with words) of Louisiana Creole songs.
(ca. 19--),
(93 items.)


MSS 005 - Pauls Louisiana Lottery Collection
Memorabilia of Louisiana State Lottery, consisting of broadsides, tickets, announcements, and correspondence.
(ca. 1888),
(8 items.)


MSS 006 - Newman Louisiana Aviation Collection
Records and memorabilia of aviation in Louisiana, with much material on the Wedell-Williams Air Service, Inc. of Patterson and New Orleans, Louisiana. The collection consists mainly of correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, aircraft catalogs, business records, and miscellany.
(ca. 1916-1945),
(10 lin. ft.)


MSS 007 - Reinecke Family Collection
Photocopies of correspondence, documents, and photographs concerning the Reinecke family of New Orleans.
(ca. 1790-1864),
(32 pages.)


MSS 008 - Herman B. Deutsch Collection
Papers and memorabilia, mainly on Louisiana politics, produced and/or accumulated by Deutsch while working as a reporter for the New Orleans Item. Includes much material on Huey P. Long, and some material on Arkansas politics of the same era, including an autograph poem by Hattie W. Caraway.
(ca. 1920-1945),
(4.5 lin. ft.)


MSS 009 - Reinecke Play Collection
Photocopy of notebook manuscript of Italian religious play which was performed annually in Amesville (Marrero), Louisiana in the 1920s. Original in possession of Father Ropollo, pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Marrero, La.
(ca. 1920),
(21 pages.)


MSS 010 Saucier Phonodiscs, Louisiana Folklore Society Collection
Louisiana French folk songs and stories recorded on phonodiscs by Corinne L. Saucier. Also included are explanatory notes and inventory by Dr. George F. Reinecke. (ca. 1948),
(50 items).


MSS 011 - Marcus Christian Collection
These papers of Marcus Bruce Christian (1900-1976), a businessman, a writer and poet, teacher, and head of the Colored Project of the Louisiana Federal Writers Project (FWP), include personal papers, historical and literary writings, and data compiled by the FWP pertaining to the black experience in America.
(ca. 1724-1976),
(146 lin. ft.)


MSS 012 - Stoddard Labor Collection
Records and memorabilia of the Central Trades and Labor Council (New Orleans, La.), including minutes for the periods October 8, 1899 - April 26, 1901.
(ca. 1899-1903),
(10 items.)


MSS 013 - Maximilian J. Herzberger Collection
No longer available, removed by depositor.


MSS 014 - World War I Miscellany
Correspondence, broadsides, government documents, pamphlets, and periodicals primarily concerned with World War I patriotic activities in New Orleans and the surrounding area. The materials came originally from the Andr Lafargue estate.
(ca. 1918-1919),
(26 items.)


MSS 015 - Bennett M. Augustin Collection
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, and periodicals primarily concerned with literary activities in and around New Orleans during the 1930s. Included are photocopies of letters, poems, and prose by Bennett M. Augustin, John Kingston Fineran, and Edwin P. O'Donnell.
(ca. 1932-1938),
(28 items.)


MSS 016 - Athenee Louisianais Collection
Records and papers of the Athene Louisianais, consisting mainly of correspondence and minutes. Included in the collection are minutes (1930-1938) of the Reveil Franais.
(ca. 1913-1970),
(2 lin. ft.)


MSS 017 - Bezou-Goffin Collection
Typescript English translations by James Bezou of one book (Horn of Plenty: The Story of Louis Armstrong., New York, Allen, Towne & Heath, Inc., 1947) and five articles on New Orleans jazz by Robert Goffin.
(ca. 1947-1948),
(7 items.)


MSS 018 - Orleans Parish, Board of Assessors Collection
Real estate tax assessment field books from the 1st and 2nd districts of Orleans Parish.
(ca. 1857-1859),
(3 items.)


MSS 019 - Gladys McGuffey Rogers Collection
Papers and memorabilia primarily concerned with Sen. Huey P. Long and originally collected and/or produced by Gladys McGuffey (subsequently Mrs. Fred B. Rogers), who was employed as secretary to governors Allen and Noe and on occasion worked for Sen. Long.
(ca. 1930-1941),
(149 items.)


MSS 020 - Bezou/France-Amerique Collection
News articles, feature stories, business correspondence, and related memorabilia produced by James F. Bezou while acting as New Orleans correspondent and business agent for France-Amerique, Le Journal Franais des Etats-Unis. Includes typescripts, clippings, correspondence, and memorabilia. The material's original order of assembly (i.e., as a single, basically chronological, general file) has been retained to preserve meanings that otherwise might be obscured.
(ca. 1951-1968),
(1,155 items.)


MSS 021 - Louisiana Society of the War of 1812 Collection
Documents, clipping, correspondence and memorabilia primarily concerned with the Society's membership and activities.
(ca. 1959-1966),
(63 items.)


MSS 022 - H. Hopfensitz & Bros. Collection
Records of a retail jewelry firm founded in 1861 and closed in September 1970. The collection consists mainly of expense journals, repair and craft records, sales journals, and stock books.
(ca. 1913-1968),
(4.5 lin. ft.)


MSS 023 - Abe L. Shushan Collection
Papers and memorabilia of businessman and political figure Abe L. Shushan.
(ca. 1899-1966),
(5 lin. ft.)


MSS 024 - Operative Plasterers and Cement Finishers International Association of the United States and Canada, Local No. 93 Collection Records of Operative Plasterers' and Cement Finishers' International Association of the United States and Canada, Local No. 93
(ca. 1917-1924),
(16 items.)

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MSS 025 - Societe des Jeunes Amis Records and memorabilia of the Societe des Jeunes Amis, a Black Creole fraternal organization of New Orleans. Organized August 1, 1867, the Societe was incorporated March 2, 1874.
(ca. 1885-1920),
(332 items.)
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