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Archives and Inventories: 101 - 125

102 - 125

MSS 101 - Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO Collection
Records of Greater New Orleans A.F.L. - C.I.O., New Orleans, Louisiana. Consists of files for the Greater New Orleans A.F.L. - C.I.O. and two associate groups: H.R.D.I. (Human Resources Development Institute) and C.O.P.E. (Committee on Political Education.) Included are correspondence, minutes, publications, questionnaires, press releases, election endorsements, agreements, miscellany.
(ca. 1953-1977),
(29 lin. ft.)

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MSS 102 - James J. Manson Collection
Glass negative photographs of the James J. Manson family and residence on Audubon Place. The residence was first listed in the 1895 New Orleans city directory as 2 Audubon Place, and later as 4 Audubon Place until the 1940s. The heavy snow in many of the photographs indicates that they were taken on or shortly after February 13, 1895, the date of a record snowfall in the city.
(ca. 1895-1900),
(62 items.)


MSS 103 - Chamber of Commerce of the New Orleans Area Collection, Addendum 1
No longer available, merged with MSS 066 - Chamber of Commerce of the New Orleans Area Collection.


MSS 104 - Sidney J. Barthelemy Collection
Legislative records of Louisiana State Senator Sidney Barthelemy, District 4, New Orleans. 1973-1977. Includes correspondence, reports, studies by state, civic and federal agencies, correspondence from constituents, drafts of proposed legislation and federal grants.
(ca. 1973-1977),
(6 lin. ft.)


MSS 105 - Westminster Presbyterian Church
Records of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1527 Harmony Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115. Consists mainly of correspondence, financial records, minutes, and a variety of miscellany.
(ca. 1849-1966),
(1 lin. ft.)


MSS 106 - Supreme Court of Louisiana Historical Archives
The Archives of the Supreme Court of Louisiana consist of manuscript files of cases appealed from lower state courts to the Supreme Court of Louisiana and bound volumes of Court records pertaining to the dockets and minutes of court sessions. Case files range in volume from several pages to thousands of pages. Rules required that the Court be provided with a complete transcript of lower court files and evidence; thus the case files include maps, surveys, printed briefs, and a host of other documentation.
(ca. 1813-1920),
(ca. 2,370 lin. ft.)

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MSS 107 - Herman Lazard Midlo Collection
Legal records of Herman L. Midlo, consisting of legal files for the United Transport Workers Union of America, Local 206, C.I.O., the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and other clients, involving immigration and civil liberties. Included are briefs, petitions, affidavits, depositions, demurrers, photographs, correspondence, agreements, clippings, a taped interview, and miscellaneous pamphlets.
(ca. 1916-1978),
(6 lin. ft.)


MSS 108 - Claude R. J. Wolsch Collection
Correspondence, memorabilia, and campaign pins of United States presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Kennedy; miscellany of the Wolsch Collection turned over by Dr. Eberle.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1932-1961),
( lin. ft.)


MSS 109 - Andrew R. Sullivan Collection
Files compiled by Andrew Rowan Sullivan during research for his Master of Science in Urban Studies thesis, "The Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee for the Metropolitan New Orleans Transportation Planning Program: A Case Study" (University of New Orleans, 1978).
(ca. 1968-1977),
(6.5 lin. ft.)

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MSS 110 - Dr. Joseph G. Tregle Collection
No longer available, incorporated into MSS 132 - Dr. Joseph G. Tregle Collection.


MSS 111 - St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Collection
Records of Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, 1802 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana. Consists mainly of announcement books, check books, circular letters issued by Archbishopric, a schedule of Masses and celebrants, sick call registers, a parish census book, and assorted records of three parish organizations, including minute books and financial reports.
(ca. 1864-1951),
(ca. 2 lin. ft.)


MSS 112 - Bruce Badon Collection
Publications of Conservative Society of America and independent American Radio Edition Newsletter.
(ca. 1958-1966),
(.5 lin. ft.)


MSS 113 - College Writers Society of Louisiana Collection
Records of the College Writers Society of Louisiana.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1959-1961),
( lin. ft.)


MSS 114 - Charles Perrier Collection
Papers consisting mainly of personal correspondence (November 17, 1909 - December 1934) and official correspondence (October 31, 1910 - July 25, 1923), and various personal documents including job application; school notebooks; baptismal, marriage, and divorce records; father's death notice; gun ownership permits; vaccination certificates; and registration certificates.
(ca. 1878-1934),
(1 box.)


MSS 115 - Doe Hom Collection
Photographic prints of a New Orleans Chinese family and church group.
(ca. 1920, 1930),
(2 items.)


MSS 116 - Elina Gardre Cherbonnier Collection
Photographs of Robert Emmet Kennedy (1877 - 1941).
(ca. 1912),
(6 items.)


MSS 117 - Edmond Dede Letter
Edmond Dede to Monsieur S. Perrault, Secretary of the Societe des Jeunes Amis, a Black Creole organization of New Orleans. Penciled note on back of envelope written by Marcus Christian, author and historian.
(ca. 1894),
(1 item.)

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MSS 118 - Louis H. Pilie Collection
Papers of George A. Treadwell, consisting mainly of correspondence (1947 - 1957), publications, and miscellany including committee guidelines and Treadwell's notes. Treadwell served on history committees for the Louisiana Certified Public Accountants and for the American Institute of Accountants.
(ca. 1927-1957),
(1 box.)


MSS 119 - Lutcher and Moore Cypress Lumber Co., Ltd. Collection
Miscellaneous business records of the Lutcher and Moore Cypress Lumber Co., Ltd. of Lutcher, La. Includes some business records of the Dibert, Stark and Brown Cypress Co., Ltd.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1900-1970),
(ca. 186 lin. ft.)


MSS 120 - John A. and Nell Pomeroy O'Brien Collection and Addenda 1-3
Papers of John A. O'Brien and Nell Pomeroy O'Brien, consisting of correspondence, appointment books, scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, business ledgers, photographic prints of paintings, genealogical materials of Marquis, O'Brien, and Pomeroy families, and miscellany.
(ca. 1857-1968),
(11 lin. ft.)

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MSS 121 - Sarah Towles Reed Collection
Papers of Sarah Towles Reed and records of the New Orleans Public School Teachers Association (NOPSTA), later called the New Orleans Classroom Teachers Federation, a teachers' union in New Orleans. Included are family and personal correspondence, publications, teaching materials, West Feliciana Parish materials, genealogical and historical research notes concerning West Feliciana Parish; photographs, and miscellany. Also included are union legislative materials, correspondence, agenda, constitutions, publications, files, and Orleans Parish School Board documents collected and maintained by the union.
(ca. 1834-1979),
(112 lin. ft.)

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MSS 122 - New Orleans Carnival Collection
An artificial collection consisting of taped interviews and memorabilia of the New Orleans Carnival.
(ca. 1900, 1920-1979),
( lin. ft.)

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MSS 123 - David L. Campbell Collection
Legal files compiled by Campbell as president and attorney of the Peniston-General Taylor Association; primarily concerned with the proposed location of a Mississippi River bridge in the vicinity of Peniston and General Taylor Streets (New Orleans), but including some material on zoning in area. Consists of correspondence; bridge and transportation planning studies; legal briefs, motions, affidavits, and judgments; newspaper clippings; resolutions; reports; maps; notes and other miscellany.
(ca. 1968-1976),
(3 lin. ft.)

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MSS 124 - New Orleans Golf Club Collection
Minutes, treasurer's reports, annual reports, and notices of the New Orleans Golf Club.
(ca. 1902-1905),
(1 volume.)


MSS 125 - Firemen's Charitable Association of the Seventh District Collection
Minutes of an association of the Carrollton area volunteer fire companies. Included are treasurers' and miscellaneous reports. Broadsides and printed materials which have been pasted on pages of the volume include election ballot tickets for the 17th ward of New Orleans, a topographical map of New Orleans (1887), a five-year contract between the association and the City of New Orleans (1887-1891), and a copy of the association's constitution. An entry for October 6, 1888, notes a name change from Firemen's Charitable Association of the Seventh District to Firemen's Association of the Seventh District.
(ca. 1876-1892),
(1 volume.)