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Archives and Inventories: 151 - 175

151 - 175

MSS 151 - Joseph Macheca Collection
Records of Joseph Macheca & Co. and several other New Orleans produce companies. Mainly correspondence, statements, and bills of lading.
(ca. 1870-1878),
(26 items.)


MSS 152 - Alker-Bobet Collection
Personal papers and business records relating to the Alker and Bobet families and the stave business of Bobet Brothers of New Orleans.
(ca. 1778-1970),
(5 lin. ft.)


MSS 153 - Ambrose / Dwight D. Eisenhower Collection
Photocopies of documents from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas, including Eisenhower's private correspondence, summaries of meetings, minutes of the National Security Council and Cabinet meetings, diary entries by the President and various members of his staff, drafts of speeches, etc. This collection was accumulated by Dr. Ambrose in the course of his research on the Eisenhower administration, which culminated in several books.
(ca. 1948-1982),
(5.5 lin. ft.)

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MSS 154 - William Kernan Dart Collection
Dart family papers; legal memorabilia produced by or concerning William Kernan Dart, father of Albert Laplace Dart; material concerning Henry P. Dart, Sr.
(ca. 1911-1933),
(21 items.)

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MSS 155 - Friends of Wheeling Collection
Original poster, "Extract from the Reconstructed Constitution of the State of Louisiana with portraits of the Distinguished Members of the Convention & Assembly."
(ca. 1868),
(1 item.)


MSS 156 - Jax Brewery Collection
Business records of the Jax (Jackson) Brewery of New Orleans, including information on accounts payable, accounts receivable, ledgers, brewer's records, sales registers and payroll, etc.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1891-1973),
(67 lin. ft.)


MSS 157 - Over the Mountain Athletic Club Collection
Records of the Over the Mountain Athletic Club, an organization for college alumni who wished to continue their athletic activities in an organized manner. Includes photographs, certificates, correspondence, publications, clippings, and miscellany.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1982-1983),
(1 lin. ft.)


MSS 158 - Bahm/Patenotte Posters
Poster, 1888 New Orleans The Docks.
(ca. 1984),
(1 item.)


MSS 159 - University of New Orleans Archives
Records and miscellany generated by or relating to the University of New Orleans. Contains records and miscellany, including records from Chancellor's office, publications, committee records, faculty members' files, maps, plans, clippings, photographs, reports, scrapbooks, self-study records, tape recordings, and memorabilia.
(ca. 1952- ),
(780 lin. ft.)
Printed inventory available.

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MSS 160 - Martha Wickett Collection
No longer available, transferred to MSS 159 - University of New Orleans Archives.


MSS 161 - Edgar P. Garic Collection
Information on New Orleans history and genealogy compiled by Edgar Paul Garic, b. May 2, 1914 - d. January 21, 1979. The collection contains manuscript notes, file cards, clippings, and miscellany.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1971-1979),
(ca. 33 lin. ft.)


MSS 162 - Pamela Phillips Brennan Collection
Audiotape interviews with thirty-six New Orleanians recorded by Pamela Phillips Brennan in the preparation of her UNO Master of Arts in English thesis, "Postvocalic/-r/in New Orleans," 1983.
(ca. 1983),
(10 items.)


MSS 163 - Nancy R. Zito Collection
Personal and medical records, largely pertaining to the life and career of Dr. Joseph Anthony Danna. Included are certificates, diplomas, clippings, correspondence, hospital records of United States Army Base Hospital No. 102 and Charity Hospital, ledgers, manuscripts of medical articles and papers written by Danna, records of the New Orleans Post-Graduate School of Medicine, medical notes and notebooks, memorabilia, miscellany, Municipal Auditorium Commission minutes, photographs, house plans, publications, and a scrapbook with attachments.
(ca. 1870s-1983),
(10 lin. ft.)


MSS 164 - A. P. Tureaud Collection
Interview of Alexander Pierre Tureaud, New Orleans Creole of color and civil rights lawyer, by Dr. Joseph Logsdon. Planned and executed by Tureaud and Logsdon as the basis for an autobiography of Tureaud, the interview, conducted in 1969/70, covers Tureaud's family background, childhood and youth, early education, young manhood, and travels to Chicago, Buffalo, and New York during the late 1900s. The transcription for this copy was made from oral tape recordings made by Dr. Logsdon and was read and approved by Tureaud.
(ca. 1969-1970),
(1 item.)


MSS 165 - Joseph Bauer Collection
An album containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and postcards, pertaining to the life and family of Joseph Bauer, a prominent New Orleans dentist.
(ca. 1895-1914),
(1 album.)


MSS 166 - Ambrose / Pegasus Bridge Collection
Original manuscript of Stephen E. Ambrose's Pegasus Bridge (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1985). Includes emendations and typesetting instructions.
(ca. 1944),
(.25 lin. ft.)

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MSS 167 - Boothby-Orleans Gallery Collection
Records of the Orleans Gallery, consisting of administrative records including financial records, minutes, membership lists, artist files, correspondence, and miscellany.
(ca. 1957-1973),
(1.5 lin. ft.)

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MSS 168 - Edward G. Wathan Collection
Records of Edward George Wathan (b. June 1, 1901), mainly concerning his career as a professional aviator. Includes 7 pilot log books and miscellany of certificates, licenses, permits, letters of authority, identification cards, clippings, correspondence, notes, pamphlet, and an employment application; identification photographs of Wathan on some documents.
(ca. 1924-1960),
(0.3 lin. ft.)

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MSS 169 - New Orleans Public Service Inc. Collection
Photographs of New Orleans Public Service transportation facilities (bus trolleys, streetcars, buses), personnel, and related subjects. Chiefly relating to the company's New Orleans operations; also includes photographs of public transportation in other areas of the U.S.
(ca. 1837-1970s),
(2 lin. ft.)

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MSS 170 - Ambrose / Rise to Globalism Collection
First draft manuscript of Rise to Globalism: American Foreign Policy Since 1938, by Stephen E. Ambrose (Penguin Books, 1971).
(ca. 1971),
(0.2 lin. ft.)

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MSS 171 - Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection, Addendum 1
Source materials collected by National Park Service to document historical and cultural aspects of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park.
(ca. 1980-1985),
(2 lin. ft.)

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MSS 172 - Societa Italiana di Mutua Beneficenza Cefalutana di Nuova Orleans Collection
Records of the Societa Italiana di Mutua Beneficenza Cefalutana di Nuova Orleans, an organization composed of natives of Cefalu, Sicily and their descendants. Founded in1887, it was dedicated to meeting the medical and other needs of its members, including burial in the organizations tomb after 1921. (The society's tomb can be found in St. Louis III Cemetery on lots 15-18 between Blanc and Odin Avenues on the left side of the main street entrance). Includes newspaper clippings; seven bound ledgers, ca. 1912 - 1938, detailing finances, minutes of meetings and membership; constitution and bylaws, 1924; handwritten and typed correspondence a blueprint of the society's tomb; broadsides; certificates; and miscellany. A few items are of Sicilian origin.
(ca. 1906-1946),
(1 lin. ft.)

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MSS 173 - Thelma D. Toole Collection
Videotaped interviews of Thelma Ducoing Toole (died August 17, 1984) reminiscing about her son, John Kennedy Toole (1937 - 1969), author of A Confederacy of Dunces (Baton Rouge, 1980). W. Kenneth Holditch (Professor of English) conducted the interviews, and videotape recordings of same were edited by Michael J. Adler (Television Production Manager, Audio-Visual Center), Barbara B. Coleman (Assistant Professor of Drama and Communication), and David A. Dillon (Associate Librarian). Interviews culminated in videotape production, I Walk in the World for My Son: An Interview with Thelma Ducoing Toole (1983 University of New Orleans).
(ca. 1982),
(9 items.)


MSS 174 - Magnolia Cemetery Collection
1 bound volume of minutes of the Board of Directors, and 1 folder of correspondences; also included are clippings, contractor bids, and miscellany.
(ca. 1866-1913),
(2 items.)


MSS 175 - A. P. Boyer Collection
Account book of A. P. Boyer, a Black undertaking firm of New Orleans, La.
(ca. 1896-1906), (
1 volume.)

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