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Archives and Inventories: 251 - 275

251 - 275

MSS 251 - Myrtle L. Schmidt Collection
Records produced by or relating to activities of the following organizations and programs for the periods indicated: Association for Gifted and Talented Students in Louisiana, ca. 1973-1982; Community Advisory Board (to the Orleans Parish School Board), ca. 1977-1978; Council of Presidents of Cooperative School Clubs, ca. 1958-1982; Innovative Education Coalition, ca. 1972-1974; Rockefeller Fund Community Development Program, ca. 1972-1976; University-Area Public School Development Association, Inc., ca. 1974-1980. Gathered by Myrtle L. Schmidt, as a member or officer of the aforementioned organizations or as an interested citizen. Includes minutes, pamphlets, correspondence, newsletters, budget statements, notes, and related miscellany.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1958-1982), (3 boxes)

MSS 252 - Pierre Crabites Collection, Addendum 1
Unpublished typescript by Pierre Crabit&egrave's, entitled "Napoleon, the Code Maker: His Mind in Action." Two spiral-bound typescript volumes, one on onionskin and one on standard weight paper, both with autograph notations and emendations by Crabitès; together with a two-page typescript of scholarly statements about the Code, and two pieces of correspondence between Mrs. Crabitès and a publisher.
(ca. 1940-1948), (3 boxes)

MSS 253 - Gen. David Bannister Morgan Collection
ALS David B. Morgan; dated "Madisonville 15th April 1817" and addressed "To the Editors of the Reporter"; contained in envelope addressed to "Miss M. C. Lancaster, Prin. McDonogh No. 11 School, Prieur & Palmyra Sts., New Orleans, La." Morgan letter accompanied by typescript letter dated June 9, 1926 and receipt dated June 11, 1926 (both on letterhead of S. J. Shwartz & Co., Inc., New Orleans) addressed to Miss Kate Lancaster; concerning purchase of Morgan letter.
(ca. 1817-1926), (1 item)

MSS 254 - Eads Poitevent Collection
Records and manuscripts of the Poitevent and Hancock families of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia; their extensive business in milling and shipping lumber, primarily through the Poitevent and Favre Lumber Company, which operated plants in New Orleans and Mandeville, Louisiana, and various locations in southern Mississippi, together with a fleet of boats for the delivery of processed lumber. Includes correspondence and checking account records; journals of lumber sales, processing, shipping; payroll, insurance and debt and credit journals; journals of business operations in Mexico; maps and other publications; manuscript of a novel set in Mexico; Civil War reminiscence; photographs; related miscellany.
(ca. 1849-1984), (10 lin. ft.)

MSS 255 - William D. Reeves Collection
Records compiled by William D. Reeves while a member of the Orleans Parish School Board. Includes including correspondence, financial records, booklets, reports, serials, and similar miscellany.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1970s), (3 boxes)

MSS 256 - Dart & Dart and Prior Legal Firms Collection, Addendum 2
Records and manuscripts primarily relating to the activities of Henry P. Dart senior and junior. Includes a broadside, certificates and diplomas, clippings, constitutions and by-laws, correspondence, journals, pamphlets, photographs, notebooks, and related miscellany.
(ca. 1855-1975), (1 lin. ft.)

MSS 257 - Fannie Taylor Baumgartner Collection
Papers removed from a scrapbook concerned with the life and career of Mrs. Fannie Taylor Baumgartner (May 26, 1872- October 2, 1949); includes material relating to the Community Chest, the Council of Social Agencies, the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the Orleans Parish School Board, the Women's Auxiliary to the Seamen's Bethel, and the George Washington Bicentennial. Consists of broadsides and handbills; clippings; constitutions, by-laws, rules; correspondence; invitations; pamphlets; photographs; programs; reports; resolutions; rosters; serials; yearbooks; miscellany.
(ca. 1923-1956), (1 box)

MSS 258 - Zoe Shallcross Mysing Collection
Scrapbooks prepared by Zoë Adelia Shallcross (1911-1994), a June, 1929 graduate of Sophie B. Wright High School; materials reflect Shallcross's activities as a student at Henry W. Allen Elementary School, Sophie B. Wright High School, and Newcomb College. Scrapbooks contain autographs, calling cards, clippings, invitations, lists of students and teachers, notes, photographs, programs, tickets to sporting events, related miscellany; also includes loose memorabilia, and three issues of Wright High School journal, The Chronicle.
(ca. 1924-1984), (2 scrapbooks)

MSS 259 - Audubon Park Commission Collection, Addendum 2
Eight boxes of Audubon Park Commission records, including construction records (1960, 1973-1987; ride concession relocation records (1974-1976); board minutes (1973-1976, 1979-1980, 1983-1986), correspondence (1978-1981, 1984), appointments through 1979, committee records (1978-1984), public hearings (1982- 1983); reading file with letters of complaint, appreciation (1983-1988); Friends of the Zoo board minutes (1977-1987), reading file (1976-1977), appreciation file (1975-1976), complaint file (1979-1981); Audubon Park, An Urban Eden file; Avery Island file; greenhouse in park file (1960); concessions file (1970-1988); locomotive 745 to Okra file (ca. 1984); State of La. vs. APC & City of New Orleans file (re: zoo expansion, 1977); litigation file (1974-1986); City of New Orleans tax millage file (1972); City of New Orleans Bonds (1979); bond issue (1986); archeological artifacts found in vicinity of Hibernia Pavilion file (n.d.).
(ca. 1960-1988), (16 lin. ft.)

MSS 260 - Anna O'Donnell Simoneaux Collection
Records compiled by Simoneaux while working to control the development of New Basin Canal land, the Pontchartrain Beach levee, and the location of Benjamin Franklin High School. Includes photocopies of clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, plans, notations, reports, resolutions, proposals, and related miscellany.
(ca. 1898-1992), (.5 lin. ft.)

MSS 261 - Charles Maduell Collection
Seventeen items consisting of photocopies of clippings, sheet music, and genealogical records relating to Maduell and related families of Spain, France, and New Orleans, Louisiana.
(ca. 1836-1971), (17 items)

MSS 262 - Audrey M. Stier Collection
Twenty-three assorted diplomas and certificates issued by the Orleans Parish School Board and/or the Louisiana State Department of Education (dated variously, 1890-1939); six copies of McDonogh Chatter; three copies of Memory Gems (1902, 1913); a partial copy of Goodrich's Third Reader; one copy of New Orleans Normal School Commencement Exercises pamphlet for 1900 with invitation for same; a pamphlet, The Glory that is Ours!
(1930).(ca. 1890-1939), (.5 lin. ft.)

MSS 263 - African-American Miscellany
A gathering of miscellaneous contemporary ephemera pertaining to African-American activities in the New Orleans area, including newspapers, calendars, advertisements, handbills, and similar miscellany; when collection attains sufficient bulk, materials will be systematically organized and described.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. - ), ( lin. ft.)

MSS 264 - Eads Poitevent Collection, Addendum 1
Personal and business records of Eads Poitevent and the Poitevent family, especially Eads Poitevent, Jr. Includes correspondence, banking records, legal documents, and related miscellany.
This collection has not been processed.
(ca. 1945-1995), (23 lin. ft.)

MSS 265 - David P. Levy Collection
Records, gathered by Levy while working to effect changes in the Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity Hurricane Protection Project sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Orleans Parish Levee Board, and the Louisiana Office of Public Works. Includes announcements, clippings, correspondence, bank statements, environmental statements, memoranda, news releases, pamphlets, periodicals, and studies.
(ca. 1947-1985), (1.5 lin. ft.)

MSS 266 - Association of Commerce Collection
Scrapbook contents (presumably gathered by Association personnel) concerning Industrial Canal; Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet Ship Channel; municipal ownership of port facilities; policies of Board of Commissioners of Port of New Orleans; destruction of Association of Commerce building, 315 Camp Street. Includes clippings; correspondence; typescripts of articles and speeches; four photographic prints with negatives.
(ca. 1921-1946), (.2 lin. ft.)

MSS 267 - Societe d'Economie et d'Assistance Mutuelle Collection
Minute book of Societe d'Economie et d'Assistance Mutuelle of New Orleans; in French, lacking front cover; two page inclusion dated September 1, 1876.
(ca. 1876-1877), (1 volume)

MSS 268 - Beatrice Rodriguez Owsley Collection
Audiotape copies of the interviews contained in MSS 244 - Beatrice Rodriguez Owsley Collection.
(ca. 1986-1996), (3 lin. ft.)

MSS 269 - Eloise Aultman Collection
Materials collected by Aultman as a board member of the McMain High School Community Advisory Council, and as an active member of the League of Women Voters Education Committee.
(ca. 1971-1989), (.8 lin. ft.)

MSS 270 - Josie Arlington Collection
Photographs of Josie Arlington (a prominent New Orleans madam), members of her family, a Grand Route St. John residence; also posed erotica. Some of the 13 prints contain annotations by the donor, Kenneth Owen, on reverse. Enclosed in handmade folder with typed label, "NEW ORLEANS IN 1880 | a unique portfolio | from the original glass negatives."
(ca. 1900), (13 items)

MSS 271 - Thiberge Collection
School materials bearing on the education of girls by Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Nine bound volumes consisting of six holographic workbooks in French; one graduation book; a volume of autographed inscriptions and poetry; a volume of lecture notes and miscellany; loose clippings and notations.
(ca. 1880-1923), (9 volumes)

MSS 272 - Betty Wisdom Collection
Oral history interviews with Betty Wisdom, prominent civic activist and recipient of the 1994 Times-Picayune Loving Cup Award.
(ca. 1995), (4 tapes)

MSS 273 - New Orleans Restaurants Collection
Oral recorded interviews with owners and chefs of local restaurants; also includes photographs of interviewees, menus from their restaurants, and related miscellany. In some instances transcripts are available.
(ca. 1995-1996), (.75 lin. ft.)

MSS 274 - Columbia Iron Works and Dry Dock Collection
Illustrations of various stages in the construction of cruisers U.S.S. Montgomery and U.S.S. Detroit; including plans for construction of same labeled Columbian Iron Works and Dry Dock Company. Consists of one bound volume containing 237 cyanotypes.
(ca. 1890-1895), (237 items)

MSS 275 - Bert Braud Collection
Materials concerning Braud's career as a music teacher in the Orleans Parish School Board system.
(ca. 1960s), (2 items)